MY GRANDPA IS AN ALIEN and PETER VS. HARRY at the Festival of Slovenian film

Feature film “My Grandpa Is an Alien” and a documentary “Peter vs. Harry” by a writer-director-producer Ida Weiss are coming to the upcoming Festival of Slovenian film.

My Grandpa Is an Alien” by Dražen Žarković and Marina Andree Škop will be presented in the Official Competition, and will also be a part of the the early-morning school screenings. The film was produced by a Croatian Studio dim and co-produced by six other European countries, among which was Slovenian Senca studio.

A documentary portrait of Peter Braatz, a German-Slovenian artist, was selected into Panorama Programme. The film was produced by Senca studio and co-produced by Bela film and Taris film.