Brežice becomes the setting of Croatian children’s film “My Grandpa Is An Alien”

The film is being produced by the Croatian STUDIO DIM in co-production with the Slovene SENCA STUDIO, the Luxemburg WADY FILMS, Norwegian FILMBIN, Czech MASTERFILM, Slovak ARTILERIA and Bosnian FABRIKA.

“Through the friendship of a small girl and a space robot, the film explores the tremendous importance of love in our lives. Especially in current times, which appear obsessed with individualism, it is vital to encourage youth to nurture friendships, company and affection, values that enrich the human experience”, said the film’s directors, Dražen Žarković, who among other projects directed one of Croatia’s most successful children’s films The Mysterious Boy (Zagonetni dječak) and Marina Andree Škop, creative producer of noted children’s TV show “The Lab at the End of the Universe”.

The film features the cooperation of Slovene authors Sven Pepeonik as director of photography and Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska as make-up artist, while also presenting up-and-coming local acting talents Eneja Sajko and Bernard Rebernik.

Part of the shooting is taking place in Brežice, which has proven itself as a most hospitable filming town, as evident by the crew’s gratitude to the mayor, the department of communal infrastructure and public services, and the kind locals.

The film, set for release in 2019, is being made with the financial support of the Slovenian Film Centre as well as the film funding bodies of the above mentioned countries, the European Media Program, Croatian public television HRT, and many sponsors, among them also the Brežice Municipality.

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