MY GRANDFATHER FELL FROM MARS is in regular theatrical distribution

The children’s feature film My grandfather fell from Mars, directed by Dražen Žarković and Marina Andrea Škop, will premiere in the presence of the film crew on September 7 at Kinodvor. It is a fantasy-action story about an unusual adventure between a girl and a robot, in which they have to save the girl’s space family. The film, intended for children from 7 years of age and their parents, received the BeActive award for the best project and the Prime4Kids&Family award for the best project for children during its development. With regular distribution in Slovenian cinemas starting on September 12.

Along with the film, as part of the “Films do not fall from Mars” project, pedagogical material was also published, which includes a film-methodology manual for the preparation of educational classes and educational videos that reveal the secrets of the creation of individual film elements. The entire material is accessible free of charge. The Slovenian edition of the educational material was prepared by Senca Studio with the financial support of the Slovenian Film Center.

My grandfather fell from Mars won the Golden Arena for best cinematography and best visual effects at the Pula Film Festival, and the award for best film at the La Paz International Film Festival in Bolivia. At the SciFi festival in Sydney, Australia, 12-year-old Lana Hranjec received the award for the best female role.

The film was produced by the Croatian Studio dim in collaboration with partners from six European countries – Wady Films (Luxembourg), Filmbin (Norway), Masterfilm (Czech Republic) and MagicLab, Artileria (Slovakia), the Slovenian Institute for Cultural Activities SENCA studio and Fabrika ( Bosnia and Herzegovina). Financial support was provided by the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the Slovenian Film Center, the Sarajevo Film Fund, the Norwegian Film Institute, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Luxembourg Film Fund, the CE MEDIA program, the Norwegian audiovisual production Filminvest3, the State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography and Croatian Radio and Television.

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