The movie PETER VS. HARRY at music film festivals in Germany

The movie Peter vs. Harry by director, screenwriter and producer Ida Weiss will be presented at the 13th edition of UNERHÖRT on November 9, 2019! of the music film festival in Hamburg, which directs its attention to music documentaries and reflection on the current state of the music and film world. The film, which will be shown at the festival alongside documentaries about Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis and PJ Harvey, is a portrait of the German versatile artist Peter Braatz, who lives in Ljubljana, and his film and music oeuvre. Through his narration, we learn how his artistic journey took place, which was always closely connected with music, and the turning point was the meeting with punk and the founding of the punk band S.Y.P.H., which is still considered a cult German band.

The film continues its journey to the third edition of the Soundwatch Film Festival in Berlin, where it will be screened on November 10, 2019. It is a festival of music documentaries and explorations of different ways of complementing visual and musical media.

The film’s author, Ida Weiss, will also be present at both screenings.

Peter vs. Harry was produced by Senca Studio and co-produced by Bela Film and Taris Film.

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