Two awards for the documentary film Sparks in Time

At the recently concluded History Film Festival, which took place from September 13 to 17 in Rijeka, Croatia, the Slovenian documentary film Sparks in Time won two awards.

The film Sparks in Time won the jury’s main prize at the festival. The director of the film, Jurij Gruden, also received the award for best direction.

The jury wrote that “the story of the film could be shown in many ways, but the way Jurij Gruden told it above all says a lot about himself: it is full of love, humor and awareness of the complexity of life”. She also added that this “unknown but important story of dreamers who built one of the most successful companies in the middle of nowhere is shown with excellent humor, strong protagonists and excellent graphic animation.”

The film Sparks in Time tells the story of the dizzying rise and fall of the Slovenian information technology giant Iskra Delta, which at the height of the Cold War finds itself behind the scenes of political intrigues and secret service battles.

The film was produced by Senca Studio from Ljubljana and co-produced with RTV Slovenia and Avi Film. The film was co-financed by the Slovenian Film Center.

Photo: Tanja Gruden; The photo shows Jurij Gruden, the director, and Tiha Modrić, the director of the festival


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