We will have to wait for the long-awaited first Slovenian Christmas film Kapa

Although the distribution of the family adventure KAPA was announced for November 25, 2021, and some pre-premiere screenings even earlier – including at the Liffe International Film Festival – the producer of the film decided to postpone it due to the increasing number of infections with the new corona virus. Since it is a film with content related to the time before Christmas, the premiere has been postponed to November 2022.

“We, the creators, are of the opinion that the film Kapa, into which a lot of effort has been invested and is the result of many years of work by many international teams, can only really be experienced on the big screen. With Kapa, we also want to educate our youngest viewers in the cinema experience, and given the situation of the last few days, it is very likely that the film would end up on emergency online viewings, both within the framework of school screenings and regular screenings. To everyone who has been eagerly awaiting the film, we thank you for your understanding. See you in the cinema in November 2022,” the film’s producer Ida Weiss announced on behalf of the film crew.

Interest in the film was sparked some time ago by the publication of the first trailer, which circulated online and on social networks, and seems to be the story of a nine-year-old boy Erik, who has to live in a youth home due to problematic parents, and seven-year-old Lučka, who comes from a well-to-do situated families, people have already taken them as their own. Their Christmas adventure, which in a single night brings about the fulfillment of their greatest wishes, but not quite in the way they expected, will surely bring many children and their parents to the cinemas despite the delay.

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